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The E-Factor Diet  teaches the hidden factors that prevent people from losing weight.  For me, this has been the diet program that trumps all others.






Instead of recommending simple solutions like “eat better” and “exercise more”, The E-Factor Diet focuses in on the core problems with weight loss programs, and works for both large and small weight loss goals, and for maintenance.  Just simply, it works.


The author is John Rowley, a coach for celebrities and a fat loss expert, and he has a unique understanding of the effects caused by different foods.  By learning and practicing this system, you can take control of your cravings and maximize weight loss.  You will feel satisfied, in-control, and you will see the results from this program.


How Does The E-Factor Diet Work?


The E-Factor Diet program focuses on 4 factors that help you lose weight:


  • Energetic Factor – Foods high in sugar and carbohydrates.
  • Endothermic Factor – Foods that unlock your fat-burning hormones and “eat” up all your fat. These hormones do a lot of their work while you sleep.
  • Enzymatic Factor – Foods that increase your digestive power. Yeast builds up from eating processed foods or taking antibiotics (known as “gut bugs,” which we’ll talk more about in a moment).
  • Enjoyment Factor – Focuses on enjoying every meal you eat. Otherwise, you’ll never stick to it.


The first group of “E-Factor Foods” are called energetic foods. Three of the most common breakfast foods we eat are not in this category, which means we’re shooting our daily energy supply in the foot before we even get off the ground.


If you’ve ever woken up in the morning, had breakfast, and still felt like you needed a few more hours of sleep, then The E-Factor Diet claims this is caused by eating the wrong foods in the morning.


The perfect breakfast foods are classified as “endothermic” foods. An endothermic reaction absorbs heat from its surroundings (as opposed to an exothermic reaction which expels heat into its surroundings).


When it comes to food, eating endothermic foods can kickstart your body’s natural fat burning processes.


Another important lesson in The E-Factor Diet is avoiding histamine. Your body produces histamine naturally. Histamine can cause certain parts of your body to become inflamed and bloated. When you eat certain histamine-producing foods, you can temporarily look larger than you actually are. By cutting these foods out of your diet, you can instantly start looking leaner.


There are also two more food groups that play a critical role in weight loss: enzymatic foods and enjoyment factor foods.


You don’t have to memorize the list of energetic or endothermic foods. Instead, The E-Factor Diet lists them all for you for easy reference.


By carefully balancing all of these different aspects of your diet, you can enjoy proven weight loss results, reduce cravings, and achieve a better body – even if you don’t change your exercise routine.



(Important!) You Will Not Go Hungry


The E-Factor Diet is not one of those diet plans that leave you starving or allow you to eat only a few selected foods. Instead, inside this guide you’ll be taught how to retrain your body to crave only foods that are good for your weight and health. Once you undergo his diet system, you’ll feel more energized, get a trimmer body, and have a better metabolism and hormonal balance.



The E-Factor Diet is a Great Value –

all of these items are included in the program:

The E-Factor Diet


The Weight Loss Handbook – This easy-to-understand book will share to you the principles and blueprint of the E-Factor Diet system.

The Grocery Guide – This is very handy – it will give you a complete list of simple and tasty foods that you need to consume to optimize your weight loss potential.

The Meal-Planning Blueprint – This will show you exactly what foods to eat and the exact times to eat them – no guesswork needed.

The “Cheat Your Way Trim” Guide – This guide will help you indulge in your favorite foods and desserts without the guilt of messing up your diet.



There are also several free bonuses included in the program:


  •  Want to eat out, but don’t want to mess up your diet? The “E-Factor Diet Fast Food Guide” will show you exactly what and what not to eat in, well, fast food chains.
  • The second bonus contains tons of fat-melting smoothie recipes that are easy and quick (around 3 minutes) to prepare.
  • You’ll also get “The E-Factor Diet All-Day Energy Secrets” guide which gives you tips on how you could make your body increase its production of energy-boosting hormones.
  • Another bonus item is an online seminar about joint recovery. Inside this seminar you’ll learn how to guard your joint health over time, as well as the truth behind over-the-counter dietary supplements for joints and organic nutrients designed to ease joint pain.
  • You’ll also be eligible for John’s E-Factor Elite Support Community for a full year, as well as the opportunity to contact John and his team via email for additional support.


My Thoughts


If you’re one of those people who has disappointed with your past weight lost efforts and thinks there’s nothing new under the sun that can help you in that department, this program is for you.  I have found The E-Factor Diet to be an innovative diet system that sheds new light on how the human body processes food and either stores -or releases- fat, and I promise you that The E-Factor Diet will surprise you with simple and proven fat-shedding techniques that you haven’t tried before.


 Your Peace of Mind – The 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee 

This diet is that missing piece to the weight loss puzzle, and it’s a terrific value.  As an added assurance, the E-Factor Diet is sold through a large company called Clickbank, which offers a full 60 day money-back guarantee on all of its products.


You can see a great  video about The E-Factor Diet here.



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