I started this blog about 4 weeks after my mom passed. 


Before her death, Mom suffered with a terminal illness for more than two years (she suffered from non alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver caused by fatty liver). 


Our family experienced more than two years of witnessing her long hospital stays and deterioration, while we felt deepening sadness and exhaustion.


I spent a lot of time researching her condition and looking for any (non-existent) positive information.


There were many doctors, several specialists and surgeries, and finally the bittersweet stay at a caring hospice facility, and the traumatic experience of witnessing her death. 


After I lost my mother, I needed a way to express myself and work through my frustration at not knowing more, not being able to do more as our family spiraled through two years of a progressive terminal disease, and all that it meant.


I’ve always been a researcher in my personal life, so I found myself turning to the internet for answers to everything from what to expect from my mom’s liver disease, to home safety, mobility aids, hospice care, death, and what seemed like a million other topics.


I bookmarked many websites as I gathered snippets of information from everywhere as I tried to piece together relevant information. 


And it helped.  I was able to prepare for possible symptoms, speak knowledgeably with physicians, offer advice to my Dad in Mom’s care, and explore my questions about the end of life.  When someone you love is terminally ill, its a lonely and confusing time.  It’s uncharted territory. 


I was there … that awful place where you feel alone and not sure what you’re “supposed to” be doing. It was like being stuck on a train going slowly to someplace terrible with no way to get off. 


I will never forget how it felt.


When it was all over, I knew I wanted to create a place where caregivers could find answers all in one place.  While I am not a physician, I do my best to provide a detailed overview of topics that need attention when someone you love is seriously ill.


I research all topics thoroughly to make sure they are accurate and current, and update my articles as new information becomes available.


My goal is to provide answers and solutions to questions and problems that come up suddenly when your family member no longer functions as they once did.  I also want to introduce subjects which may not be on the radar in the moment, but should be, such as estate and funeral planning.


This blog will be an every growing, constantly updated collection of general and specific information on serious health and lifestyle challenges, as well as personal insight into the experience of impending death, dying and the aftermath for all those who are traveling their own final path, or supporting someone on that path. I will also cover topics which address regaining and maintaining health and living life to the fullest.


…So while my blog is titled (and has it’s origins in) Dying and Grief, it has evolved into being about living and hope. 


I also hope that we can support each other and find strength in the way forward in the best way possible.  Sometimes that means thriving.  And sometimes it means simply surviving.


I also make recommendations for further reading or viewing, and for products which will help make life easier.  Everything I recommend has been researched through multiple sources including consumer reviews.


Please note that I will earn a small commission if you make a purchase through a link on this blog.


My hope is that through reading an article here, you will come away with a sense of direction and empowerment. Dare I hope – even optimism!  Not that circumstances will always and  necessarily improve, but that your ability to handle them will.


Writing this blog is allowing me to fulfill what I feel is an important purpose, and I will be forever grateful for today’s technology and opportunity to speak out and help at a time when people often don’t know where to turn.


Your comments are most welcome here; please let me know your thoughts in the comment sections below each post. I also hope that we can support each other and find strength in the way forward.
You can also email me.


Thank you for visiting and please keep in touch.







In “the olden days” after college, I  worked in a department store, a cable TV office and a lingerie store, and finally I became a realtor.

Shortly after I got my real estate license, I found I was expecting my first daughter.  My husband and I started our new food company around that time, and children and business became my focus for the next 20 years.

Today, I am a 51 year old empty nester, happily married, and mother to two grown daughters a grandmother to one delightful grandbaby girl, and pet parent to two Havanese doggie-girls.

I continue to own a health food manufacturing business with my husband, and spend most of my time now with domestic pursuits, writing and my pets. 

I enjoy my family and dogs , food, and local adventures. I like to follow health news and medical studies, politics, current events and interior design. 

I am happiest when I am working on projects which involve plenty of research and learning new things (nerdy, I know!).



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