10 Simple Products to Help With Getting Dressed

 10 Simple Products to Help With Getting Dressed


Getting Dressed Can be Challenging for Seniors


Arthritis, illness, surgery, or other health conditions make it difficult for many older adults to get dressed and undressed. But seniors can still maintain their independence with the help of dressing aids.

Getting dressed shouldn’t have to be a struggle. Many inexpensive tools are available to help older adults get dressed on their own.


Here are ten of the most useful and highly rated.



dressing aids          dressing aids


1. 2-in-1 Dressing Stick and Shoehorn
Dressing sticks help older adults reach and pull various clothing items. Use this plastic stick to pull up pants or hook fabric to pull clothing high enough to grab. It also helps remove clothes and socks. This one does double duty as a shoehorn too. I used this when I had frozen shoulder, and it helped immensely!




dressing aids


2.  Dressing Stick
This wooden dressing stick has two plastic-coated hooked ends. Use it to pull up pants and zippers and help fasten buttons. Or, use it to push off clothing and remove socks.





dressing aids


3 Ettore Grip ‘n Grab


This grabber can reach for more than just clothing, but it comes in handy while getting dressed. Instead of bending over or reaching for various clothing items, just use this grabbing tool.









dressing aids
4. Sock Aid with Foam Grip


Putting on socks can be a huge effort for some seniors. This sock aid makes it much easier to get socks on. It has a plastic body and foam grips. First, put the sock on the plastic tube. Then, insert the foot into the tube and pull up using the grips.





dressing aids

5.  Ableware Deluxe Flexible Sock Aid
This sock aid has a more flexible tube, so it might be a better fit for seniors with smaller sized feet.





dressing aids

6. Good Grips Button Hook
Arthritic fingers, tremors, or loss of dexterity can turn buttoning a shirt into a frustrating struggle. Use this simple button hook to fasten regular-size buttons. So helpful!





dressing aids
7.  Jobst Stocking Donner
Compression socks are one of the most difficult and time-consuming items to put on because they’re so tight. To make things easier, use this compression stocking aid.

The frame isn’t adjustable, so those with larger or very swollen legs might want to try the  Mediven Stocking Butler instead.






dressing aids
8.  Home-X 31.5 inch Extra Long Metal Shoehorn
You might think that all shoehorns are created equal, but this one seems to be a cut above the rest. The extra length means no bending over and the strong metal makes it extra durable. Many reviewers absolutely loved this simple shoehorn.

Note: The picture above isn’t of this product, but shows how it’s used.




dressing aids


9.  FootFunnel Shoe Assist
This innovative shoe aid is different from a shoe horn. It’s a plastic piece that fits over the heel of the shoe. The plastic makes it easy to slip a foot into the shoe without getting caught on the heel.

Some of the reviews said it was better than a shoehorn, but that it doesn’t fit all shoes (depends on the thickness or stiffness of the heel part).






dressing aids


10. LOCK LACES (Elastic No Tie Shoelaces)
Tying sneakers requires finger dexterity and bending or kneeling, making it tough for many seniors.

Replace regular shoelaces with elastic no-tie shoelaces instead. These laces make any lace-up shoes into slip-ons!

The laces also come in black and a variety of other colors.

Bottom line


Having trouble getting dressed shouldn’t be the reason that your older adult loses independence. These simple and smart dressing aids make it possible for seniors to dress themselves.





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