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Right to Die News from Canada: This Could Change Everything



One of the recommendations in this week’s federal committee report on assisted death could change the way Canada treats public health institutions. The report called on federal and provincial governments to “ensure that all publicly funded health care institutions provide medical assistance in dying.”

“If a health care facility is publicly funded, it must provide [medical assistance in dying],” the report says.

That’s a big deal: There’s no question individuals have the right to conscientiously object to procedures that contravene their beliefs.

“If you get public funding, the position in this report is you have an obligation to provide all legal services,” said Dalhousie University’s Jocelyn Downie, who co-authored a provincial-territorial report on assisted death last year. This recommendation suggests institutions such as hospitals don’t have that same right to conscientious objection.

It comes down to access, said Rob Oliphant, who co-chaired the committee that wrote the report.

“We want to ensure that Canadians who desire this medical service can get it,” he said.

If a patient’s staying in a hospital that doesn’t provide assisted death, the hospital can bring someone in who will, Oliphant added.

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6 thoughts on “Right to Die: Canadian News

  1. Well this a delicate matter whatsoever. I could agree on giving the required service if patients ask for it, but it’s still taking a persons life.

    We are not able to decide how we want to end our life, it just happens. If we say yes in dying how we want,is the same as saying yes to suicide.

    Anyway,it’s only my opinion, anyone is free to decide, but i would recommend not to do it.

  2. Hey laurie
    This post you put up is very intresting. Its one of those matters you cant ignore, but at the same time people dont want to talk about it. I believe that people should do what they want, but with in reason. This is honestly a very hard topic to just conclude, but everybody should still have an open mind about.

    1. Hi John – thank you for your comment. Yes, nobody wants to talk about it until it becomes an issue for them or a loved one. A tough issue, to be sure.

  3. I read your post with great interest as this is a topic I have often discussed with my friends. None of us are young and having the right to choose how we die is something we all agree on. How can it be right keeping people alive in a vegetative state? In Australia we can choose to have our medical charts say Not For Resusitation and we can also set up a living will that says to with hold all treatments. Surely it would be much kinder to assist a person to die peacefully at the end of their life?

    1. I agree, Margaret, and I think we are starting to make some progress in this area here is Canada, as well. Thanks for your comment

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