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My Mission


The mission of this blog is to give you the practical, accurate information you need quickly, to live as well as possible, right now, regardless of your health or circumstances. 

Dying and Grief, which I started several years ago after I lost my mother, has now evolved into a living and hope blog. (You can read about my experience with my mother’s passing and the origins of this blog here ).

Topics are written to inspire you to seize the day, in spite of the struggle with life’s imperfect reality.

Every article is thoroughly researched and every recommendation is checked through multiple sources.


My goal for each topic is


  • to give you the most important facts right away
  • to make practical well-researched suggestions for further reading, viewing, and to recommend useful products and services where appropriate, and
  • to leave you with a sense of direction, empowerment, and hopefully, optimism



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You can read more about this blog (and me) here.


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Thanks for visiting and reading …

I hope I will be able to provide you with some helpful ideas for this journey called life.