Does Prevagen Actually Help Your Memory?

Does Prevagen Actually Help Your Memory?



The manufacturer of the product claims that it has been clinically tested, but let’s find out whether this supplement is really so effective…


At the age of about 40 our brain starts to fail sometimes, and naturally, many of us consumers start to look for something to support our brain health. Prevagen is a fairly new product in the market that has been advertising aggressively, and promises to improve a person’s memory within 90 days.


If you haven’t been able to recall where you have put your keys or a purse or names of your new acquaintances, the Prevagen ads may have piqued your interest.


Prevagen is manufactured by a relatively unknown US company, Quincy Bioscience, which claims that Prevagen promotes healthy functioning of brain,  a sharper mind, better memory and clearer thinking within 90 days. The Prevagen website is attractive, but fails to offer data on major questions such as the full list of ingredients of the supplement and its possible side effects.


The Prevagen website mentions that the supplement contains only one active ingredient – the apoaequorin protein.  Apoaequorin is said to improve cognitive function that is especially important for older adults.  The company does not state how much much apoaequorin is actually in the product.


According to the Prevagen website, it is believed that apoaequorin can improve the ability to recall information by enhancing calcium homeostasis (which is thought to become dysregulated in the early stages of dementia).  However, it is not known what dosage of apoaequorin could be effective (nor do we know how much of the substance is in Prevagen).  Studies in this area show only a loose association, and I can’t see how it can be assumed that apoaequorin would help if being taken prophylactically by the average person, especially since the effective dosage and product dosage are unknown.


One could hope that


  • if the apoaequorin protein regulates calcium homeostasis,
  • and if it is taken in the right dosage,
  • and if one is in the early stages of dementia, Apoaequorin could positively influence  people with mild impairment;

– but based on the theory of how apoaequorin works, it doesn’t look promising for the treatment of people suffering from mild dysfunction to frank dementia.


The manufacturer gives no information on possible side effects of Prevagen, which is concerning.


The manufacturer also claims that Prevagen is non-allergenic.  This is a bold supposition,  since a lot of people are allergic to seafood, and this product contains a protein derived from jellyfish.  The company claims that the product is safe and is well tolerated by the human body, but there is no proof to back up either the non-allergenic or safety claims.


In January, 2015, a class-action suit was launched against Quincy Bioscience (QB) LLC,  the manufacturer of Prevagen.


The company claims that the product works by re-supplying memory-related proteins that decline as people age.



The Lawsuit Charges:



• The product cannot work as advertised because its only purported active ingredient, apoaequorin (a protein), is completely destroyed by the digestive system and transformed into common amino acids no different than those derived from other common food products.

• The amount of amino acids Prevagen adds to the user’s intake are trivial in comparison to normal dietary intake.

• Claims that clinical tests demonstrate that Prevagen will improve memory and support healthy brain function, sharper mind, and clearer thinking are false. (Note: QB’s “clinical trials” were conducted in-house and did not have independent verification.)

• Studies touted in Prevagen’s marketing campaign “if they exist at all, are, on their face, so seriously flawed that they demonstrate nothing regarding Prevagen.”




Side Effects Reported, Then Ignored



In a warning letter, the FDA accused the company of not reporting to the government “adverse events like seizures, strokes, and worsening symptoms of multiple sclerosis that had been reported to your firm as being associated with the use of Prevagen products.” Reports about the supplement to the company have also included chest pain, tremors, fainting and other serious symptoms, the FDA says.


In fact, the company received more than 1,000 incidents and product complaints about Prevagen between May 2008 and December 1, 2011, and only investigated or reported two events, the letter says.


So, to recap my concerns:


  •   Prevagen isn’t FDA approved.
  • Unfortunately, the website concealed side effects that may occur as a result of the treatment. The supporting studies described on the website were very limited, and are not independently verified.
  • The evidence supporting the supplement is not quantitative and mostly anecdotal.
  • Claims that apoaequorin users experience  improved mental clarity and enhanced memory haven’t been confirmed by the FDA.



Based on my research I do not recommend that my readers purchase or use Prevagen, at least until further research is conducted on the active ingredient and the efficacy of the Prevagen formula.





In my research , I came across a product that I do recommend with confidence.


Building up cognitive reserve is a known factor in preventing or slowing the development of dementia, and I found a product which is particularly effective for doing just that.


To understand the importance of building up your cognitive reserve in the prevention or delaying of dementia, read my report Avoid or Slow Dementia by Building Up Cognitive Reserve.



My Recommendation: Genius Brain Power


Why Genius Brain Power Is Your Ultimate Self Mastery Tool Kit

The highly advanced entrainment technology used in the Genius Brain Power system is far more effective than offerings in much higher priced products, mainly because other companies use a very old type of Brainwave Entrainment that was discovered 150 years ago, called binaural beats.

Those less effective binaural beats send differently pitched frequencies into each ear to get your brain to “do math” and entrain to the difference between the two pitches.  Binaural beats were a great discovery, but many people don’t respond very well to this method of entrainment. 


Genius Brain Power uses a far superior, much more modern brainwave entrainment technology.


Brain Wave Entrainment Increases Intelligence


Utilizing computer generated, rhythmically pulsed beats (known as Isochronic beats), Genius Brain Power easily guides your brain into optimal frequencies for rocketing your IQ, deep relaxation, peak mental efficiency and much more…

The biggest of many advantages Genius Brain Power (GBP) has over binaural beats is that the brain doesn’t adapt to GBP’s rhythmic tones over time and ignore them, like it does with binaurals. This means GBP will continue to give you results for years, so you can keep improving your brain without having to buy more products.

Rhythmic frequencies are the basis of how the brain operates, so your brain is guaranteed to respond to Genius Brain Power’s pulsed brainwave rhythms. 

With these audible, computer generated pulsed tones, the brain is safely, gently and effectively guided to entrain to your most optimal brainwave frequencies.  These tones need to be audible, so you will hear them along with the music in the Genius Brain Power package.


Brainwave entrainment lights up your brain

The main thing you should remember here is that rhythm is one of the most basic functions in the human brain, so everyone’s brain responds to rhythm, including yours.

The brain’s natural response to “follow” or “entrain” to certain types of rhythms, coupled with my years of experience creating brainwave entrainment audio tracks has led to this breakthrough technology that I could only be  called “Genius Brain Power” because no other description really comes close.



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